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Our work in Watch Dogs Legion allows us to have some interesting elements and therefore it is necessary to know where to find masks

What are masks in Watch Dogs Legion?

Normally we usually associate masks with an option to cover the face, and it is not a lie here they serve for it, however, on this trip they can also function as a main DedSec business card, sometimes they may not be very pleasant but at the end of Since this is simply our choice, it is only important to know that here we have a number of interesting outfits and the masks are some of them that we can unlock or get little by little.
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Where to find skins in Watch Dogs Legion?


 Fortunately, there are several skins that we can get in this game and they are the following:


 Skins that are unlocked by default when we start the game:

  •  Gas mask.
  • Soldier's helmet.
  • Red face.


 Pig mask: We can get this mask in a box on the floor, to find it it is necessary to arrive at the DedSec safe house and be assigned a task to access the AI ​​server.


 Skins that are available to be purchased from the Uplay store:

  •  Ubisoft mask.
  • Timon of Sparta.


 As we get into the game we can see that knowing where to find masks makes us move a bit which leads us to know that the new edition of this game brings with it some masaras as well and they are these:

 Skull crown mask.

  • Box head.
  • Cat eye mask.
  • Skull with Purple Eyes.


 Box head 2: this is another mask that we can get in this game and for which it is necessary to go up to the roof where there is an air conditioning box in Camden.


 Knight's helmet: To get it it is necessary to climb a bit since this leads us to carry out a search in the containers.


 Crown skull mask: To get it, you just need to go behind Buckingham Palace through the gardens area.


 Fabric mask: To get this mask it is necessary to move through the lower level of the building and for this it is vital to use a drone.


 White gas mask: This we can get while we are cleaning the district which leads us to have to go to the meeting room.

 Now that you know where to find masks, it is the right time to locate them and take them since with them we can hide and thus access various areas in Watch Dogs Legion.

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