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Knowing how to tag enemies is an interesting task that we are allowed to perform in Watch Dogs Legion, let's see.

Why tag enemies in Watch Dogs Legion?

Without a doubt, this game has achieved some interesting changes and the mere possibility of playing it in an open world gives us a more attractive panorama, since we have the advantage to control everything about the traps and each movement that our enemies can make, in such a way that this may be a simpler task.
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How to tag enemies in Watch Dogs Legion?


  •  Tagging a friend is simply an important task but it must be done with precision, avoiding as much as possible the entrance to any combat, in such a way that it is necessary:
  • Aim the sight of our weapon and pass over the enemy that we want to tag.
  • It is necessary to have the possibility of not shooting at the enemy.
  • Proceed to press the left button of the shutter for which it is necessary on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, in the case of PS4 or PS5 use L2, on the other hand, on the PC, click with the right button of the mouse.
  • When we manage to aim, we observe a white arrow on the enemy's head, which offers us the possibility of observing them on the mini-map and thus putting our attack plan into action.


 Another interesting technique that we can apply in case of not being able to tag the enemies from close up is to scan the environment where they can be found, for this it is only necessary to use the right lever of our control or simply by pressing the V key on the PC, which leads us to hijack a camera and use it to tag enemies.

It is necessary to consider that here are various enemies with which we get, only that some may be more complex than others, in such a way that our priority should be the captains of the markers, since they have some reinforcements and if we leave them at ease they can harm us.

 Finally, knowing how to tag enemies becomes a necessary task, so it is only necessary to apply the methods described here for Watch Dogs Legion and that's it.

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