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Angel Marquez
2020-10-30 16:03:48

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

With our Watch Dogs Legion guide you will learn more about How to get 4K HD texture pack.

What to know about 4K HD texture pack in Watch Dogs Legion?

The purchase of the games will allow us to access this package with the purpose of visually taking the game to incredible levels, in this way we will be able to get the most out of it, according to some conditions it allows us to have this process, which will lead us to want details regarding How to get the 4K HD texture pack and that is what we are going to see in the next content of this guide, so let's do it very carefully.

How to get 4K HD texture pack in Watch Dogs Legion?

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This is shown as a DLC which has a weight of 20 GB the file, if we get the game through Ubisoft Connect, we have to be installing it we will be asked about this package and we will have the option to download of it at this moment, in this case it is possible to have it later, only that we will find it in Own DLC, in case it is not obtained in the own download section, what we can do is consult the part that tells us about get more downloads from the game page, what we will do is that in the library we will click on the name of the game to be able to easily reach the page, these textures can be activated by choosing Ultra in the settings of its details Now if we get the game through the Epic Games Store, we will have to manually search for this texture pack, we will look for it on the Ubisoft page since it will add it here, but in case it is not, we have to e Expect its availability, this must be at the moment of the exit of the game.

It is possible that we have little space and it is necessary to uninstall the textures, for this we look for the DLC tab and we do it, it is important that the game is closed, being something optional it is not something that is required by obligation, since In case the game is already impressive, we will only be able to improve it with this package to have the maximum quality of 4K and thus have the maximum experience in such graphics.

We can conclude that knowing how to get the 4K HD texture package is no longer easier than we thought, we just have to follow the instructions and enjoy Watch Dogs Legion.

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