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Getting characters in Watch Dogs Legion is a necessary task and this leads us to tell you where to find Hitman

Who is Hitman in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply a hitman and ends up being a necessary character in this game since we get involved in some complex activities which actually gives it a touch of adrenaline, although it is true here we can have a handful of characters with the sole idea of Knowing where to find Hitman allows us to feel a little more secure, which opens the way for us to have the possibility of being able to move with a little more tranquility, since they are part of the characteristics that we are allowed to have here.

Where to find Hitman in Watch Dogs Legion?

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This is a task that leads us to mobilize a little on the map and with it work a little, because it is necessary to choose to complete the red tasks on the line, specifically a total of 3, we do this after having achieved that Nueve Olmos has From downtrodden to challenging, this is located in the southwest corner of the map, it is only necessary to look at the green mark, but that is not all because to unlock Hitman specifically it is necessary to choose to use the Skillful Operation since it is simply vital on some particular occasions, as we are involved in completing a mission called the Black Hole of Battersea, and this is a job that leads us to free some captives that are under the Battersea Power Station.

This hit man is one of the agents who are qualified for this game, however he is not the only one, he is one of the best recruits and to our advantage here we have a good number of them, the important thing is to have the ability to defend yourself and Complete various tasks, in addition, the previous rescue option is not the only way we can get Hitman, since we can find him in other areas of the city such as the alley next to the Red Boudoir on Brewer Street in Westminster.

Now that you know where to find Hitman, it's time to go for him, since being a professional hitman makes him very valuable in Watch Dogs Legion.

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