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2020-10-30 09:14:41

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Ghostrunner is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover Where to find swords.

What to know about swords in Ghostrunner?

In order to obtain the fine addiction trophy we have to get the 15 swords available in the game, if we lose any while we are progressing it is possible that through the selection of chapters we will find this collectible object in the same way as for any other, now in this guide we will see the necessary details to understand Where to find swords, let's see the following content.
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Where to find swords in Ghostrunner?


  •  The 1st: we have this available at the beginning
  • The 2nd: We have this on the climb, being in the mission we have that the ascent takes us to a sign indicating STOP, where there are some boxes on the opposite side of the exit
  • The 3rd: We are going to reach an open area where there are mobile cranes, this in the Jacked Up mission, we have to the right of that area are some yellow cylinders, here is the sword.
  • The 4th: while in the Respira mission we arrive at an area where it is possible to move a crane on both sides, it has to be on the left so we will use the switch to turn it on, through this we will get to grab a platform and on the opposite side is the sword.
  • The 5th: in the Respira mission we have that once we find the speed key, on the back of a fan is the sword.
  • The 6th: On the way to Amida we will get to be on some rotating platforms, we have to reach the end and climb some stairs, in the part of exit 12C the sword is on the wall behind a junk.
  • The 7th: running up we have the fight against the robotic enemies, what we will do is go down to the left to find the sword.
  • The 8th: in the city of Dharma we have that as for where to find swords, once we mount our first drone, we must continue with the zip lines until we reach the end, to reach a higher platform, now when using the last zip line we come to the sword that is in a small hidden opening.
  • The 9th: In Ecos once we defeat enemy 2 with the katana, we must go left to find the sword
  • The 10th: Having already defeated the enemies that are in the underground area, it is necessary to go down the ramp and turn to reach a hole in which the sword is on the right.
  • The 11th: in the image itself it is necessary that we defeat Hel to get the sword
  • The 12th: in the forbidden zone in Ghostrunner we have to go through a great battle, after we are near the great jump 2 it is necessary to go through the garage door that is partially open to find this sword.
  • The 13th: at the beginning of the level reign in hell, continuing straight ahead we hit an electrical box that is on the right to access a secret room where the sword is.
  • The 14th: at the same level as the previous one we have to avoid the explosives that are blocking the way, we have to take the zip line that is in the area where they come from to reach the sword
  • The 15th: in the section of things that you will not believe we are going to find many zip lines, it is necessary to reach the top so that behind a server that has red lights we can find the sword.


 In conclusion, knowing where to find swords is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Ghostrunner.

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