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2020-10-30 09:21:46

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This time around, we are back with a Watch Dogs Legion guide to explain to you how to complete reporting for the service.

What to know about reporting for service in Watch Dogs Legion?

We will arrive at the mission of the history that is called re-exporting to duty, here we will learn the recruitment system in order to obtain the members of our team, a construction worker being necessary in our cause, the objective that will be presented before is the access to the SIRS Data, we have this in the building of the ministry of civic management, the south entrance from here will take us to a patio where we will launch the AR reconstruction test, in the center of here it will be done, when We complete it, it is possible to access the server that is northwest of this courtyard, now more details to know as to How to complete the reporting for the service come next, let's follow them.

How to complete reporting for the service in Watch Dogs Legion?

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We have to recruit the construction worker first, for this we approach any of those who are here to recruit them, arriving at a scene during said process, no matter which one we choose, we will have to carry out a search that will take us to the market from camden, here what we will do is remove some content from a laptop, after this we already have the construction recruit, another cut scene we will see when we meet them at Connie's pub.

Now as to how to complete the reporting for the service we have under our control the construction operation, with which we will go to the Westminster cathedrals, where we will call our cargo drone for the hijacking and get on this to go to the place of the robbery, in the building we have to take the drone to the roof to pick up the server, then we have to take it to the truck so that the robbery is completed, in this way we are going to take the truck to 2 specific places of London, one is Buckingham Palace and the other is in Piccadilly Circus, in the latter we will have some opposition from Albion soldiers at the time of the reconstruction of the AR, what is necessary is that we stay alive and we will go to the meeting in the shelter, we will see a cutscene which allows us to complete mission 4 of the main story of Watch Dogs Legion.

So we finished our guide on How to complete reporting for service, hoping that you can make the most of a game as busy as Watch Dogs Legion.

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