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2020-10-29 09:07:17

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Watch Dogs Legion has arrived and with it some interesting options, let's see How to use Photo mode

What is Watch Dogs Legion photo mode?

This is undoubtedly an interesting option that we have that allows us to take some photographs since sometimes it is necessary to document some moments that we consider interesting and we want to save them to remember at another time, the advantage is that this is usually done in a way that pretty easy and quick.
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How to use Photo mode in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply a fairly easy task and in a way necessary, some photos may have a higher quality than others but they all have their importance, since it allows us to have the possibility of capturing a certain scene of our character, because sometimes It can be doing something that keeps our character serene and enjoying normal life, or sometimes accomplishing some kind of particular task, in any case they are memorable moments.

Using the photo mode requires some practice, however it is not complicated, for this it is only necessary to hold down the D-pad and proceed to press Triangle in case of being on the PS4 or press the Y button for the Xbox One, on the other. side on the PC only requires pressing the F2 key.

 This is all you need to know about How to use Photo mode, because it is actually quite a simple process with which we can capture unique moments in Watch Dogs Legion.

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