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2020-10-29 08:58:44

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One of the things we can do in Watch Dogs Legion is to know how to change the appearance.

What is the advantage of changing the appearance in Watch Dogs Legion?

The mere possibility of being able to play as any character will undoubtedly always place us one step ahead, we cannot necessarily choose to keep the same aspect since there are some areas in which we can deal with certain particular characters, in such a way that we can change our attributes Physics becomes a necessary and interesting task, in addition to giving it a particular touch.

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How to change appearance in Watch Dogs Legion?

To change the appearance it is necessary to move through the map, our advantage is to have the opportunity to come across a store for which it is necessary to locate ourselves in the icon marked with a shirt, the advantage is that we have several options to choose from but this It must be done with care since we are immersed in an open world, and we can do it with any character, to which we put the clothes we buy.

Throughout the map we can move and visit stores in addition to having the possibility of being able to do it as many times as we consider necessary, to make the purchase of clothes it is important to press R1 while in the store and thus access everything you have, then we proceed to press X or A the certain article and this allows us to change the appearance of our character to leave said store.

 Rest is everything you need to know about How to change the appearance, it is simply a necessary task since we have different characters in Watch Dogs Legion.

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