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Our work for Watch Dogs Legion is actually interesting and therefore it is good to know How to change your uniform

Why change the uniform in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply an interesting task, because we are in a game where maintaining appearance can be a necessary matter, on some occasions this can allow us to handle ourselves with a bit more ease in missions, all the time with the same clothes can be boring, also allows us to have the possibility of obtaining bonuses.
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How to change your uniform in Watch Dogs Legion?

The possibility of changing the uniform is important because we are immersed in an environment where we can choose to recruit for DedSecy, this allows us to expand the options in terms of jobs, which also widens the options of uniforms, as well as tools, which easily opens us the doors to be able to move regularly to different areas, this being precisely a tactic to get unnoticed before giving way to a mission.

Before starting the recruitment process it is possible to take a look at the uniform, it is good to consider some that simply do not allow us to be involved in persecution, and allow us to go as unnoticed as possible, for our good fortune there is a lot to choose from, now well To change the uniform, it is necessary to go up to the team wheel in order to observe some various tools, which the character usually wears, because at the top we will see the uniform that we have now, we can click on the uniform that we consider necessary and change it to remove this to use another, the most favorable being the police officer or executor of private property.

 Definitely knowing how to change your uniform is an interesting task that allows us to mix in Watch Dogs Legion, you should try.

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