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How to Unlock Skilled Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion - Agents?

  • Football Hooligan: Islington and Hackney.

This agent is quite exclusive and will allow you to call a group of Hooligans for help during a fight and can be unlocked by completing the following tasks:

  • Sabotage.
  • Neutralize VIP.
  • Collect evidence.

  • Hacker: Camden.

It is the first expert agent you unlock in the game, which will allow you to download much faster.

  • Spy: City of Westminster.

To unlock this agent you will have to increase the challenge in the city of Westminster and for that you will have to list the activities that we list here:

  • Rescue freedom fighter
  • Disrupt propaganda x 2
  • The spy agent has an advantage over normal agents in stealth scenarios and hacking skills.

  • Beekeeper: City of London.

When it comes to distracting enemies, the beekeeper is what to look for, as he can summon swarms of bees to distract and damage enemies. You will have to complete the following activities to unlock it:

  • Sabotage
  • Hack CtOS Hub.
  • Photographic evidence.
  • Getaway Driver: Tower Hamlets

For escape missions this agent is perfect, he has a getaway car and will allow you to hack cars on the street to clear the way in front. You can obtain it by completing the following activities in Tower Hamlets:

  • Collect evidence.
  • Neutralize VIP.
  • Rescue freedom fighter.

  • Professional Hitman: Nine elm trees.

This agent is perfect for his ability to attack from afar. To unlock it you will have to increase the challenge in Nine Elms, completing the following activities of the municipality.

  • Sabotage.
  • Neutralize VIP.
  • Photographic evidence.
  • The anarchist.

This agent possesses smoke grenades as well as other special abilities. It can be unlocked in the Southwark region and is one of the most skilled operatives to unlock, for which you will have to complete the following activities.

  • Photographic evidence.
  • Sabotage.
  • Digital deface.
  • Hack CtOS Hub.

  • Drone Expert: Lambeth.

For special missions involving drones this agent is for you ... To unlock it you will have to increase the challenge in Lambeth and complete the following activities in the municipality:


  • Southwark.
  • Digital deface.
  • Photographic evidence.
  • Disrupt propaganda.

 That's all you have to know about how to unlock Skilled Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion, we hope you've been able to unlock as many Expert Agents now that you have everything you need to do so.

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