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Knowing how to get a car is simply a necessary task and here we tell you what you should know in Watch Dogs Legion.

What is the ideal car to get in Watch Dogs Legion?

  Without a doubt, having an excellent vehicle is essential in this game, as this allows us to have the possibility of having some kind of advantage in relation to our opponents, although it is true it will not be a last model, it is possible to have an Astin Martin DB5, since we are the only ones who can have access and who can afford to use it for ourselves.
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How to get a car in Watch Dogs Legion?

Our task is to get a spy character to add to our DedSec list since this allows us to have the possibility of summoning the car, in addition to having the option to unlock the spy operation in Westminster, now, to use the Car ability Spy it is necessary to hold down the Up, Down or Left key of our keyboard D and select the ability that we consider using, since this allows the vehicle to approach and thereby explore the abilities that we can perfectly use against our enemies.


  •  The spy's skills allow us to have the possibility of completing the missions in a fun way.
  • The spy car has the ability to fire some missiles to damage enemies.
  • With the spy car it is possible to use the exclusive skill Spy car.
  • With the car we increase the opportunity to walk freely.
  • It is necessary to have spies to continue the game, as they are not immune so it is better to keep a good amount alive.


This is all you need about How to get a car, it is not a complicated task and we are allowed to enjoy it to the fullest in Watch Dogs Legion.

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