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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-02 13:53:13

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Knowing how to open the Medical Clinic Door is a vital task in Watch Dogs Legion, let's see.

What is the need to open the Medical Clinic Door in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply part of a mission, as this game has a number of interesting activities that need to be solved in some way, however, it is vital to complete the missions of the European Processing Center, where we are presented with the opportunity to investigate a series of AR recordings.
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How to open the Medical Clinic Door in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is an interesting task that allows us to get an electronic lock with a code on the door of the clinic, which leads us to have to scan the camera that is on the ceiling of the clinic, in such a way that this makes us have to move to an angle that is good enough to solve this problem and thus get to activate the search code for which it is necessary to use some nodes to which it will be necessary to rotate until they can turn blue, in such a way This allows us to access the front door through the code lock.

As for this moment we have managed to hijack the security camera, we find ourselves in the need to search the room for all the nodes, for this, it will only be enough to press Q and get them to be aligned since this allows us to open the Medical Clinic Door, We enter and turn left to visualize a tank that is on the ground where we are given the possibility of interacting with the AR to rebuild it, once this has been completed we follow Ángel outside in order to carry out some investigation.

 In this sense, knowing how to open the Medical Clinic Door allows us to have the possibility of doing a little research on Watch Dogs Legion.

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