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2020-10-30 11:44:44

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Watch Dogs Legion allows us to do many things and knowing how to take photos is one of them, let's see.

Why take photos in Watch Dogs Legion?

Without a doubt, this game never ceases to amaze us and this allows us to tell you how to take photos, since when we start this trip we are asked to photograph some things that we consider important, it is not very complicated, however, in a way it is important, and The best of all is that we can do it aboard a drone which makes this a bit more worthwhile and lets us see a fantastic panorama.
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How to take photos in Watch Dogs Legion?

Taking photos is an interesting and necessary task that allows us to incorporate it into our missions, since in a way they are a fundamental part to complete an objective with any Operative, for which it is only necessary:

Open the characters menu that is located above the D-pad, this shows us their abilities, weapons and other options that may be available, this type of camera options is available in the upper corner on the right side , it is only necessary to make use of the camera option, center it on the objective that can be completely visible and ready, since the following indications are provided by the screen.

  In this sense, knowing how to take photos is an interesting task that we can do in Watch Dogs Legion, so give it a try and save some important memories.

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