Lidia Rozo
2020-10-30 10:39:06

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Our Watch Dogs Legion tour lets us tell you how to escape from the police.

What are the goal of escaping from the police in Watch Dogs Legion?

Actually this is not a new task since it can be done in other games where we are involved in various problems, because they try to breathe on our shoulders and somehow this is simply not favorable, they are on the prowl and until we don't they manage to catch us, they are not satisfied, the detail is that here we are not going to give them that taste.

How to escape from the police in Watch Dogs Legion?

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This is a game where surveillance is highly complex, because the police are almost always close to where we are waiting for us to make a minimum error to catch us, because they will choose to use drones to keep us in line in such a way that our only alternative is to play stealthily, or it will simply float our ability to hack, as it is an option that we can perfectly apply with drones and thereby get rid of part of the problem from above, since this makes things easier for us because they will choose to follow us in such a way so hacking them will make the police unable to continue their course of chasing us.

Our best bet before escaping from the cops is to opt for hacking the drones, since these can simply be annoying enough, since as soon as we manage to get rid of them, the possibilities of getting options to get rid of the cops are opened more than they haunt us.

In this sense, knowing How to escape from the police is a task that does not require much effort, rather some planning and exercising our hacking skills in Watch Dogs Legion.

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