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Our Watch Dogs Legion tour lets us show you where to find audio logs

What are audio logs in Watch Dogs Legion?

These are simply a type of instrument that allows us to have the possibility of having an overview of London, since there are a total of 50 audio logs, it is also necessary to get all of them so that we are allowed to reach 100 percent of the game.
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Where to find audio logs in Watch Dogs Legion?

The complete amount of audios that need to be achieved are 50, only that to date we have only achieved a total of 8, however, as the others are obtained, we will update.


 First audio log: This offers us the advantage that it is usually obtained automatically as soon as we pay the prologue, in such a way that there is no particular location to find it.

Second audio log: this leads us to the safe house in such a way that it is necessary to enter the refuge and proceed to turn right where we get a mannequin that can take us, it has the name of this audio log The Bagley load.

Third audio log: We continue our tour in such a way that we must continue in the safe house, only this contrary to the previous record makes us have to turn left and move towards the end to see it on the ground, this record is a blog the bug , Albion, Shmalbion.

Fourth audio log: This is located in the same way in the safe house, so being in the shelter it is necessary to move up the ladder to go down and enter the train compartment where we will find it in a barrel, this is the cargo register , Eyes on the Skye.

Fifth audio log: It is also located in the safe house and when we are on the left side of it before reaching the fight arena we can get it, it is the record of Opt out of Optik.

Sixth audio log: Located in the same way in the safe house, it makes us move to go down and access the left side of the refuge in a corner of the bottom part, this being BuccanEr's blog, the big brother meets the Big Data.

Seventh audio log: We continue our tour of the safe house of the refuge and as soon as we have obtained the previous registration, proceed to move in the opposite area to take it because this is the BuccanEar Human Goods.

Eighth audio log: This is the last that we have obtained to date, also located by the safe house, we obtained this before the server before trying to connect Baggley to the DedSec network, it is the ctOS 3.NO record.


 This is so far what we can tell you about where to find audio logs, as it is simply a task that is not complete yet but as they are achieved we will leave the necessary details to continue in Watch Dogs Legion.

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