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Progress in Watch Dogs Legion is necessary and being alive even more, so it is important to know how to holster a weapon

Why holster a weapon in Watch Dogs Legion?

Although it is true we are in an open world where missions are part of routine work, where we may find ourselves immersed in constant combat, it is not possible to go around displaying weapons everywhere, in such a way that it becomes necessary to holster a weapon and with it pass Unnoticed on some occasions, this could even give us some more favorable results than we would be expecting since according to the character we have we can mix.
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How to holster a weapon in Watch Dogs Legion?

 This is a fairly simple task but in a certain way necessary, it can be applied to all the weapons in the game, it is only necessary to take a look at the situation that turns out to be favorable to be applied, this is generally more feasible when we consider it necessary to remove a police who may be sniffing our noses, in such a way that going unnoticed may not represent any threat and gives us the possibility of being able to get out of some kind of irregular situation in which we could be immersed, in the same way access some places where probably we cannot go armed.

To holster a weapon it is necessary to press the D-pad, as this will make our character unable to adapt to a situation and just by looking confused he will choose to blend in with the crowd in such a way as to allow us to go unnoticed.

 In this sense, knowing How to holster a weapon offers us the opportunity to mix and deceive certain characters such as the policemen in Watch Dogs Legion.

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