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2020-10-30 11:47:30

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Knowing how to Solve Safehouse Network Bypass Puzzle is vital and here we tell you what to do in Watch Dogs Legion.

What is the Bypass puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply a task that leads us to seek refuge, only that it is not necessarily to look for it and if not that this makes us have to unlock and get a private room which makes it a somewhat more complex task.
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How to Solve Safehouse Network Bypass Puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion?

Our task here is focused on finding a room in the refuge, which allows us to enter the bar of the hidden DedSec refuge, our job is to find a secret room that contains an electronic door, the detail is that it is closed with a complex security system, in such a way that it is necessary to turn the note that is on the right side of the door, and proceed to rotate the node of the floor that is located in front of the main door, this allows us to choose to unlock the other node to pass the front floor to the closed door, as it has been unlocked, it is only necessary to turn the circuit, then we look for the node that is under the access panel to the closed door, we unlock it and we can access the room, we throw the lever on the left and ready to enter the underground shelter.

 This is all you need to know about how to Solve Safehouse Network Bypass Puzzle and thereby gain access to the underground refuge in Watch Dogs Legion.

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