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2020-10-29 09:14:48

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Our guide today on Watch Dogs Legion lets us tell you how to skip scenes and dialogues

What is the importance of skipping the scenes and dialogue in Watch Dogs Legion?

  Undoubtedly, there are times when scenes and dialogues make us lose some time, so skipping this is important, since this presents us with the possibility of being able to go directly to the action, however, even if this is a task easy it is ideal to have the possibility of making use of the appropriate input and we are going to be talking about them now.
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How to skip scenes and dialogue in Watch Dogs Legion?

There is nothing strange or complex, but if the need to progress a little faster, here are some interesting details that we want to access quickly, and this allows us to do it this way:


  •  To skip a scene it is necessary: ​​Be sure of the scene that we want to skip, to do this we wait for it to be playing and then hold down the Circle button on the PS4 or the B button on the Xbox One, to return to our usual work on some mission.
  • To skip a dialogue it is necessary: ​​These can be stopped or simply skipped, as there are some when we are starting a mission and they can be disturbing, so that it is only necessary to hold down the touch panel in the case of the PS4 or the button Watch on Xbox One as this allows us to skip these dialogues and continue our work on a regular basis.

 This is all you need to know about how to skip scenes and dialogues as it is important since it can consume time in Watch Dogs Legion.

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