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2020-10-29 08:49:24

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As we move forward in Watch Dogs Legion we realize that it is necessary to know how to counter attacks, here we will tell you what is necessary.

Is it necessary to counter attacks in Watch Dogs Legion?

  Of course, yes, perhaps if we were powerful enough this would not be necessary, however at the level that we find ourselves especially when starting this game it is necessary to dodge and counter, our objective will always be to win and live to advance, the fact of staying for dying does not work in our goal, in addition, we have the option of not having a fixed protagonist allows us to have all kinds of changes.

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How to counter attacks on Watch Dogs Legion?

One of the most formidable tasks is to counteract attacks since this allows us to receive damage but in the same way allows us to attack with more force generating more forceful blows, especially in an environment where hand-to-hand combat manages to gain some kind of prominence, since we are immersed in a city where avoiding lethal force could be an interesting bet, but this does not mean that we are not involved in hand-to-hand combat for which it is necessary to prepare.


 Our first task is to dodge attacks and for this it is necessary:

  • Press the Circle button on our PS 4 or the B button on the Xbox One.
  • Pressing the mentioned button while moving the left stick can provide us with a movement to a specific direction.
  • Every move we make to dodge allows us to counter before the enemy can generate a blow.
  • Pressing the dodge button allows time to slow down for a short time, which opens the way for us to press the melee button and thus be able to execute a blow to the opposite in a formidable way.

 Now that you know how to counter attacks, it's time to go for a spin and practice it in Watch Dogs Legion.

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