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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-10-29 15:46:54

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

If you want to know how to recruit agents in Watch Dogs Legion, pay attention to what we prepare in this article.

What is Watch Dogs Legion about.

The title belongs to the third main entry in the popular open world sci-fi game series developed by Ubisoft and which has just been released on October 29. The new installment presents a very interesting feature that will allow you to not only control a single protagonist, but you can recruit almost any NPC from the open world and play as them, being important to know how to recruit agents.
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How to recruit agents in Watch Dogs Legion.

When you start the game you will be able to choose your first operative and then the initial missions will guide you through the basic ways of recruiting more characters.

In the open world, side quests like Bare Knuckle League will let you recruit a new character. In addition to the fact that you will be able to recruit the vast majority of NPCs from the open world, to do so you will have to approach them and press the triangle button if you are a PlayStation user or And if you are an Xbox user to start the recruitment process, just keep in mind Note that you will have to do a simple mission before they join your list.

Remember that all NPCs have slightly different abilities and characteristics from each other, so they are worth recruiting. Although there is a very special type of operative, skilled operatives, who have much more useful and different abilities.

You can recruit operatives by maximizing the Defiance meter for each London borough, each liberated borough will mean one more operation to your cause. And Bagley will sometimes give you information on other NPCs that you can recruit as well.

 So we finish this guide on how to recruit agents in Watch Dogs Legion, we hope that it has been of the greatest possible use and that you have managed to understand the recruitment process and the benefit you can get from it.

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