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Apex Legends: How to join a Club in Season 7

2020-11-02 06:43:28

Guide to learn how to join a club in season 7 in Apex Legends

  Clubs happen to be a groundbreaking thing in Apex Legends with the arrival of Season 7: Ascension, there are many more possibilities for ways to connect with like-minded players, build squads, and work towards new team goals such as Club badges. Entering a club can sound interesting and fun if you are one of those who likes to interact with other players. If so, then perfect! Right in this guide we will talk you about how to join a club in season 7. Stay to know more!
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    How to join a club in season 7 in Apex Legends?

    Joining a club sounds very interesting, but there are a series of steps to follow to make this happen successfully, below we will tell you which ones:

    Step 1: Join a club

    At the start of the game you will see a new option added called "Clubs". You will have two options the first time you open the tag or until you have a club: "Join a club" and "Create a club". You will need to click on "Join a club".

    If you find a specific club to join you can search by ID, since each club's name is unique, or have a member of the club with greater authority send you an invitation if the club is private. Otherwise, you can check out all public clubs or filter them by title or tag.

    Step 2: Labels

    Tags define the type of club you can join. They could say something about the style of play, like hardcore versus casual. Maybe people, like LGBTQIA. Or even based on gaming habits, such as whether or not it requires players to use the microphone. These labels are great ways to find a club that suits your needs.

    Step 3: Restrictions

    You can see that many clubs have restrictions on who can and cannot join, even if they are public. Clubs may have a minimum level requirement and a minimum rank requirement. If you meet both, or they allow all levels and ranks, and the guild is open to the public, you can automatically join. If you manage to enter you will have access to the chat and you will work to earn Club badges, unless you leave or get kicked out.

     Now that you know how to join a club in season 7 in Apex Legends you can enter the one that is of most interest to you in the game based on your goals and tastes. Luck!

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