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2020-10-30 09:10:42

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We invite you to discover where to find audio records, a new task in Ghostrunner.

What to know about the audio logs in Ghostrunner?

Due to the different levels that are in the game, we have a total of 7 scattered audio records, in order to obtain the trophy by finding Adam it is necessary that we know where to find audio records and for this need we will see the content of this guide that will be presented below.

Where to find audio logs in Ghostrunner?

  • The Climb: In the second block of the area with red fog that will be coming off the ground we have audio record 1 at the end of a tube.
  • The Breath: When we have already passed through the vapor jump platform, we have to continue above it to reach audio register 2.
  • Running up: We are going to reach a ramp that allows us to go down to pass the level, after having dodged a few obstacles, when entering a door here it is necessary to fight to find the audio record 3.
  • Echoes: It is necessary that we reach the top of a large tube with which we will pass the level and find audio record 4.

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  • The Forbidden Zone: At the beginning we face an enemy and after we defeat him we have to go to the tower area running through a platform that will lead us to find the audio record 5 at the top of it.
  • Reign in hell: We have to go through the simulation and face some enemies and then continue along the path to the right turn platform, here we make a right to get the audio record 6
  • Things that are not believed: In the area with white tanks that are filled with a green and blue liquid, there is also an empty tank where we find audio record 7 considering that to get here it is necessary to have the impulse jump.

Now that you know where to find audio logs, just go ahead and keep progressing at Ghostrunner.

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