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With our help, you will see that knowing how to unlock all the characters in Soulstone Survivors is easier than you thought.

What to know about the characters in Soulstone Survivors?

At each start of our career we have the possibility of using many different characters, elements and abilities, each of the characters brings us a different and unique experience, where there are the most comfortable for distance combat and others that do it in the body By hand, we must consider that at the beginning we do not have all of them available, we have to unlock them based on some requirements, now looking to be aware of what to do to unlock all the characters, let's closely follow the following content.

How to unlock all characters in Soulstone Survivors?

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For each character we must consider the specific details for its unlocking and these are the following:

  • Barbarian: we'll get it at the start
  • Arcane Waver: Requires achieving 50 Void Lord kills
  • Spellblade: Defeat 10,000 enemies.
  • Hound Master: Complete a game under 25 minutes
  • Pyromancer: You have to defeat a void lord in The Scorching Valley
  • Elementalist: You have to complete a game in 10 minutes
  • Assassin: We must defeat 1000 void lords
  • Beastmaster: have all curses enabled in The Whispering Grove while completing a game
  • Chaoswalker: Complete Infinite Loop 2
  • Paladin: Complete 5 maps 100 percent
  • Sentinel: Eliminate 50 elite enemies
  • Death Knight: Complete the game with the curses active in The Frozen Wasteland
  • Necromancer: with curses enabled in The Dungeon of Despair complete a game
  • Legionnaire: Complete Infinite Loop 3

 This is how we finish our guide on How to unlock all the characters in Soulstone Survivors, hoping that you can get the most out of such a busy game.

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