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2024-04-16 15:29:16

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Here we explain everything you need to learn about How to fix the Steam error without licenses.

If you use Steam on a PC or Steam Deck, the portable gaming device, have you ever gotten the error “No licenses error”, “There was an error installing the game” or “There was an error starting the game?” : no licenses found” when you are trying to start or install a game?

If your answer is yes, don't worry, in this guide we bring you the way to solve the error without licenses on Steam for PC or Steam Deck.

How to fix Steam no licenses error

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This guide addresses the "No Licenses" error encountered on the Steam platform. It outlines two methods for resolving this issue, catering to both PC and Steam Deck users.

For Users on Standard PCs:

  • 1. Initiate Game Launch: Begin by launching the problematic game on Steam.
  • 2. Access Interface Settings: Navigate to the "Settings" menu and locate the "Interface" sub-section.
  • 3. Join Client Beta Program (Optional): If available, consider opting into the "Client Beta Participation" program. This grants access to pre-release updates that might contain fixes for the license issue. Be aware that beta programs can introduce bugs or unfinished features.
  • 4. Restart Steam Completely: Ensure a clean restart of the Steam client after potentially joining the beta program.
  • 5. Verify Online Mode: Confirm that your Steam client is operating in online mode.
  • 6. Relaunch or Reinstall: Attempt to launch the game again or, if necessary, initiate a reinstallation process.

For Steam Deck Users:

  • 1. Download Trusted Resource: Download the latest build from a verified source, such as (direct link omitted for security). Exercise caution when downloading external files and ensure the source is reputable. 
  • 2. Extract Downloaded File: Uncompress the downloaded archive and locate the "Goldberg" folder within.
  • 3. Copy Specific File: Identify the file named "steam_api64.dll" and copy it.
  • 4. Locate Game Directory: Navigate to the directory containing the game experiencing the license error.
  • 5. Replace Existing File: Paste the copied "steam_api64.dll" file into the game's directory, overwriting any existing file with the same name.
  • 6. Relaunch the Game: Attempt to launch the game again to verify if the issue is resolved.

Important Considerations:

  • The PC method involves potentially joining the Steam beta program. Opting into a beta introduces a degree of risk, as these builds might contain bugs. 
  • Downloading external files, even from seemingly trusted sources, carries inherent risk. Always exercise caution and verify the source's legitimacy before downloading anything for your Steam Deck.

We recommend attempting the PC method first, as it represents an official troubleshooting approach provided by Steam. If the issue persists on your Steam Deck, the second method might offer a solution; however, proceed with due diligence.

To conclude, you should know that that is all you need to know how to solve the Steam error without licenses, follow our guide and you will be able to enjoy Steam without any inconvenience.

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