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We invite you to discover how to create trade routes and commodity boxes, a new task at Sea of Thieves.

What to know about Sea of Thieves?

With the arrival of recent updates we have added a series of interesting features, which are directly related to the commercial alliance business company, certainly with this we are with the commercial routes for the second season, which makes it necessary for us to understand How to create trade routes and boxes of basic products, to do so we have to closely follow the content offered by this guide, so let's look at it very carefully.

How to create trade routes and commodity boxes in Sea of Thieves?

In any of the existing docks in the outposts we can find the merchant alliance seller, with which it is possible to buy or sell the basic products, then at the table we must raise the flag about it, we talk with the seller NPC and access to the purchase of trips, promotions and rewards is possible, it is necessary in terms of how to create trade routes and boxes of basic products that we look for resources and raw materials, which is found as the last option on the menu, you have to highlight the important variety of materials to buy in said menu, in the outpost we can make the purchase and sale at all times, taking into account that these are in Sea of Thieves the following:
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    • Unclassified gemstones by 2800
    • Unrefined minerals 2400
    • Unrefined spices 2400
    • Unclassified silk 2000
    • Broken stones 1600
    • Unclassified tea 1600
    • Unrefined sugar 1300

    While for each different outpost the quantity of gold will depend on the demand that exists for the basic products, in the case of checking the inventory of these outposts, it should be noted that the merchant alliance seller owns a book that is in charge of the enumeration of the current supply, by region and each of the lists highlights the materials that are sought or exceeded in said outpost, it is opportune that we see each one of them by region and these are the following :

    • On the shores of plenty: there is the outpost of the sanctuary and that of the golden sands.
    • In the ancient islands: there is the looting outpost and the Ancient Spire.
    • In the wilds: there is the one with the dagger teeth and that of the galleon's grave.
    • In the devil's roar: found the peak of morrow.

    With the purchase of surplus basic products we can get the maximum benefit if we buy them, this being desired by another outpost, considering among the examples that raw sugar becomes cheap and surplus in the sanctuary, then if it we buy it, we can sell it to another outpost that wants it, thereby improving the earnings in gold, it is certainly necessary to emphasize along the trips for the exchanges, everything comes to depend on how we work with the trade routes, it is important that we are pending of the reapers or other players who seek to destroy our ship and take over our merchandise, with good reason to see the basic products exhausted once we buy them for up to 3 full days in the game.

    Knowing how to create trade routes and boxes of basic products is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Sea of Thieves.

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