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With our Fortnite guide you will learn more about how to solve long loading times.

What to know about Fortnite?

This game is certainly at a higher level in terms of online battle games, but at the moment there are some errors that can be a nuisance for many of us, we are talking about one that is related to long loading times, to Although Epic Games is aware, this situation continues to happen when entering and exiting the games, a patch is waiting but it is ideal to seek to understand how to solve long loading times and this guide is timely to talk to us in details about it, let's see.
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    How to fix long loading times in Fortnite?

    In general, it is an error that is closely related mainly to the PC, this may be due to the PC overheating or consuming system resources in the background, which causes this error in Fortnite, certainly something very common, among The many reasons are the slow internet and the network signal, so it is necessary in terms of how to solve the long loading times that we do the proper update of the game to the most current version, do the same with Windows, the client, restart of the system and more as possible solutions, certainly if it does not help at all, there is only the part of Epic Games Launcher to solve it, considering that the servers can be overloaded and this is the cause of such delays.


    •  The closing of the background tasks: by doing this we have the assurance that the resources of our system are free for the correct execution of Fortnite when it is delayed or frozen, then we press Ctrl Shift Esc to go to the task manager, here we enter in processes and we choose the game from the list, then we finish the task and apart from closing this process it is ideal to do them with others that are running as they are unnecessary, which allows freeing up space.
    • Updates: checking for updates can be a clear solution as to how to solve long loading times, this in case of not having updated before, which is necessary because it is sometimes they bring corrections for the game, which we will do is to go to the Epic Game Launcher, we give it in settings in the left panel, we seek to manage games to activate the box that indicates automatic update, which it will do immediately and if there are, they will be installed, possibly achieving the solution of the error.
    • Restarting our PC: a simple restarting of our PC can correct the errors that may be occurring in Fortnite, then with this it will be possible to face the problems with the temporary cache data that are causing this.
    • Windows update: there is a possibility that we do not have our operating system updated and if we have an outdated version it is necessary that to solve how to solve long loading times we have to take into account press Windows I to access the configuration, we give it in update and security, we look for updates and if there are, it will be installed automatically, otherwise we give it to download and install, then you just have to restart the PC for the changes to be applied.
    • The graphics settings: seeing no solution with the previous methods, we can lower the graphics settings of the game, which can help solve the problem that can be caused by having the highest settings on a PC that does not support these.


     If we have applied all these possible solutions and come to nothing, we can only wait for the developers to release a patch that can end this error.

     So we finalize our guide on how to solve long loading times, hoping that you can get the best out of Fortnite, a very busy game.

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