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Roblox Piggy has managed to keep us busy, and therefore it is pertinent to talk to you about How to obtain the Golden Pig Skin

What's the reason to get the Golden Pig Skin in Roblox Piggy?

Simply celebration, that's all, because the developer has managed to motivate us all and for this he has created an interesting puzzle in which we embark on, in such a way that knowing How to obtain the Golden Pig Skin leads us to work hard enough and to give you the necessary indications are here.

How to get the Golden Pig Skin in Roblox Piggy?

Before starting this search it is necessary to:

  • Choosing to avoid playing alone, feet this really complicates things for us, and we can get trapped, opting for a team is the best alternative to open the main map.
  • This quest leads us to unlock a safe that contains a number of puzzles that we must solve.
  • It is necessary to understand that the puzzles in Roblox Piggy use the "Golden Key" and this is usually located in the basement and in four clock faces that must be turned in a certain order.
  • We usually get the safe on the top floor, this implies being on the map of chapter 1 "House".

In this sense, knowing how to obtain the skin of the golden pig allows us to carry out this activity in this way:
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    Choose to find the clock faces: this is a task that makes us go to the basement in order to take the "Golden Key" and proceed to leave.

    • Then it is necessary to touch the wall on the left side when leaving the room in order to get the basement clock face to appear (III)
    • Then it becomes necessary to travel through the crawl space and choose to touch the left wall that tends to join the ramp in such a way that this allows the clock face of the ramp (IV) to appear.
    • Next, it is necessary to run down the ramp in order to enter the house, we proceed to go through the door and turn right, this allows us to touch the wall in order that the clock face on the first floor can appear (II)
    • We continue the route and this allows us to run through the dining room until we can climb the stairs to access the next floor.
    • We proceed to turn left and continue running down the hall, we touch the wall that is on the right side and parallel to the bank, we must hug the wall so that the clock face of the second floor appears (I).

    Choose to rotate the clock faces:
    this is the next action to perform the search on How to obtain the Skin of the golden pig and now that we already have the 4 watch faces, it is necessary to choose to press them in this order:

    • I: second floor clock face.
    • II: clock face of the first floor.
    • III: basement clock face.
    • IV: clock face of the ramp.

    It is necessary to do it in this order, otherwise we will only achieve that the clocks in Roblox Piggy can be reset, now once we have done the work in the respective order we are allowed to open the safe, for this, we proceed to climb the stairs with In order to reach the top floor, we use the table in order to cross to the other side where the safe is and open it, it is necessary to click on the statue of the golden pig Bloxy and unlock the Skin.

    Now that you know how to get the Golden Pig Skin, it is time to do this interesting activity in Roblox Piggy, give it a try.

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