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Learn How to get toy fruit in Roblox King Legacy with our explanatory guide.

What to know about getting toy fruit in Roblox King Legacy?

As we progress in this game we are offered various tasks to perform, and knowing how to get toy fruit in Roblox King Legacy is usually vital, this is because it usually offers us superiority ratings, in addition to allowing us to do damage on a large scale. .

How to get toy fruit in Roblox King Legacy?

There are two mechanisms that we can apply and they are:

Choose to buy from suppliers

Making purchases on the black market remains the most reliable method. But, the caveat is that not all King Legacy black market vendors have Toy Fruit. It is necessary to traverse the map and interact with each vendor to locate this elusive item. Now, for optimal chances, you can explore the Third Sea area, launched in early 2024, and the high-level islands of the Second Sea such as Fiore and Soldier Headquarters.

We must be careful, it will not be cheap to use in-game currency to obtain Toy Fruit, this seems unfeasible, our only option is to overcome this obstacle using Robux, which requires real life money. Toy Fruit has a high price of 3,000 Robux, equivalent to approximately 10 dollars. However, if the performance improvement justifies the cost to us, this option is available.

Reveal of the chests

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A possible stroke of luck is acquiring Toy Fruit from a chest. However, we should not be fooled, because this is a rare find, according to some members of the King Legacy Fandom page, it is possible to get it in a chest labeled "There is something unusual happening around you." However, there is no certainty that we possess such a fortune. However, for those players who don't pay to play and don't mind opening every chest discovered, there is always a minuscule chance.

How to use toy fruit in King Legacy?

  • The discovery of Toy Fruit in King Legacy will quickly reveal our superiority as one of the most exceptional upgrades in the game.
  •   The main advantage is the notable, 4300 increase in his base stats. But the attacking prowess, especially in terms of AoE, is what really makes him invaluable.
  • Toy Fruit's E ability is known as Guardian's Punishment and consumes no energy. It deals an impressive 12,000 damage in five seconds, dealing primarily ranged damage to eliminate distant enemies.
  • As for the X skill, Aerial Inferno, it uses 250 energy and also deals over 12,000 damage, but with a wider range of effect. If you prefer AoE attacks, this is undoubtedly the highlight of Hobi-Hobi No Mi and the perfect choice for the playstyle.

If you follow these steps on How to get toy fruit in Roblox King Legacy, you can access this ability and thereby show superiority over other players.

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