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2024-04-22 21:14:05

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Today we bring you a guide How to use special abilities in Roblox Jujutsu Shenanigans.

As a player, in Jujutsu Shenanigans you can test your gaming skills by using incredible moves on the battlefield. You get to try everything from Gojo's Hollow Purple to a few select domain expansions.

But that is not all! You can also access those exclusive special moves, but which are not fully revealed. If you want to test your skills on the battlefield and win every confrontation, here we explain how to use special abilities.

How To Use Special Abilities in Roblox Jujutsu Shenanigans.

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Activation Mechanism:

All Special Abilities are triggered by pressing the R key.

Base Ability Cooldowns:

  • Vessel (default): 2 seconds
  • Restless Gambler: 12 seconds
  • Honored One: 15 seconds
  • Ten Shadows: 10 seconds

Base Ability Functionality:

Special Abilities offer a diverse range of tactical options, including:

  • Disruption: Players can feint or cancel skills in progress, creating openings for surprise attacks or defensive maneuvers.
  • Tactical Movement: Teleportation allows for rapid repositioning to engage enemies or escape danger zones. 
  • Defensive Measures: Sliding doors function as temporary shields, offering momentary protection from enemy assaults.
  • Offensive Momentum: Shadow diving empowers players with high-speed movement, enabling them to close the gap and strike with swiftness.

Honored One Distinction:

The Honored One class possesses a unique attribute regarding its Special Ability. It boasts greater versatility, functioning effectively within combo chains or in conjunction with the Reversal Red mechanic. However, activation necessitates a fully charged Awaken bar, adding a layer of strategic resource management.

Awakened Abilities:

Upon achieving a full Awaken bar, all Special Abilities undergo a transformation, granting them enhanced combat capabilities. Activation for most remains the same (pressing R key). Here's a breakdown of some known Awakened Abilities:

  • Vessel: World Cutting Slash
  • Honored One: Improved Teleportation
  • Restless Gambler: Rythym (boosts attack speed)
  • Ten Shadows (Details currently unavailable)

Strategic Application:

By mastering the nuances of each Special Ability and its Awakened counterpart, players can significantly elevate their combat effectiveness in Jujutsu Shenanigans. Experimentation is key to identifying which abilities best complement your individual playstyle and maximize your strategic advantage.

This is everything you need to know about How to use special abilities in Roblox Jujutsu Shenanigans, follow our guide and you will learn how to use the incredible abilities that Jujutsu Shenanigans has to offer you. Test your skills on the battlefield and destroy all your enemies.

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