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Find out How to get Fortune Field Generator in Peroxide in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the Fortune field generator in peroxide?

It is a powerful and essential tool that serves to increase our chances of obtaining valuable items. Its unique effects and versatility make it a valuable asset for any of us looking to maximize our farming potential. So looking for answers on How to get Fortune Field Generator in Peroxide it is ideal to consider the following content.

How to get Fortune Field Generator in Peroxide?

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This item is available for purchase from the eccentric NPC, Dr. Hydrogen, for a hefty price of 850 yen. However, finding the elusive NPC can be a challenge in itself as he has been known to appear at a random location in the game every day through a mysterious purple portal, once we find the purple portal we can simply enter and find Dr. Hydrogen selling three of the nine unique items from a specific group, including the Fortune Field Generator.

Among the items that Dr. Hydrogen offers for sale are the elusive Bungus for 2,000 yen, the powerful Charged Time Divider for 5,500 yen, and the delicious Cheesy Cheesecake also priced at 2,000 yen. However, the main attraction remains the Fortune field generator, with a staggering price of 850 yen. Other items in the group include Mushroom for 300 yen, Peroxide Mixture for 350 yen, Skill Focus for 600 yen, Skill Destroyer for 800 yen and Time Divider for 2200 yen, the purple portal to Dr. Hydrogen can now be found in Karakura Town inside the Urahara Shop, starting April 15, 2024. We should also note that the Fortune Field Generator can also be obtained as a rare drop.

The linguistic dynamism of the Fortune field generator serves as a catalyst to amplify the drop chance of Boss Drops and improve the chance of obtaining Time Gate rewards. Their effectiveness in farming these valuable items is unparalleled, considering their notoriously low drop rates. The Fortune field generator demonstrates a remarkable ability to exponentially increase these possibilities, making it an invaluable tool for us.

Notably, the use of the Fortune field generator does not extend to Invasions or Storm Delves. Activating it during these events will not result in an increase in drop rates or item consumption, to use it the item must be in your hotkey bar and activated when you click on it. Once activated, defeating a boss or completing a time gate will automatically trigger an increase in spawn chances, only at the same time it will consume the Fortune field generator.

We can conclude that knowing How to get Fortune Field Generator in Peroxide is easier than thought, you just have to apply what is indicated in this guide to achieve success.

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