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Genshin Impact has more searches for us which makes it interesting to tell you How to get spring hearts.

What are the hearts of spring in Genshin Impact?

This game has managed to involve us with some amount of elements that simply make it unique, in such a way that knowing how to get spring hearts leads us to tell you in the first place that this is only a type of currency that the game usually appears recently, it which makes it necessary to take care of some additional work within version 1.4.

How to get spring hearts in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to choose to participate in the event called "Drops of Desires" here it is necessary to take charge of helping Endora to absorb some water monsters, just to get a spring heart only as a reward, also this event has some details to consider :
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    • You must have an adventure range of 20 and above.
    • Participating in this event requires having completed the mission "Life Flows On".
    • This event usually occurs between April 9 at 10 am and April 16 at 4 am (server time).
    • The event has two premises, on the one hand there is to "obtain spring hearts" and on the other hand "Fight against Rodeia Furiosa"

    This search makes us get involved in the possibility of making use of Endora's ability to spit bubbles, as this is usually favorable when we need to absorb creatures from bodies of water, in this sense it is necessary to consider:

    • Use the spit for which it is necessary to press the button that we usually use when making use of the elemental ability.
    • Capturing these oceanic creatures allows us to place a bubble trap, as the enemies will hit them and when they approach to attack us we will choose to use the Cryo-type ability in order to freeze them, and then we use Bubble Spit in order to hit them directly.
    • Increasing the progress of these creatures in this area requires only catching them, not eliminating them.
    • It is necessary to consider reaching 100 percent of the event areas to be eligible to claim the “Spring Hearts” as a reward.

    In this sense, knowing how to get hearts of spring involves us in a very complex but necessary activity in Genshin Impact, try it.

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