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2024-04-22 15:36:19

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On this occasion we bring you a guide, which has the purpose of explaining How to Get Cross in Roblox Sakura Stand in detail.

What is the cross in Roblox Sakura Stand?

Achieving this is no easy task at this time (as of April 18). While it could previously be obtained through a lengthy unlocking process, that method has now expired. So, if you are currently hoping to know How to Get Cross in Roblox Sakura Stand, the detailed explanation in this guide below should be considered.

How to Get Cross in Roblox Sakura Stand?

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For those curious, the previous unlocking process was as follows:

  • - Obtain a Half Human Soul by defeating a player in PvP areas. This required frequent PvP combat due to its low 1% drop rate.
  • - Acquire a half-monster Soul by defeating the Chariot Requiem boss, which appeared once every hour. The drop rate for this was 13%, so it took several tries.
  • - Combine Half-Human Soul and Half-Monster Soul using the first and then taking the second from your inventory. This fusion resulted in the cross.

For those of us who obtained the cross before it became inaccessible, or for those looking to trade it in, there are numerous benefits to using Cross in Sakura Stand. As one of the strongest attacking Specs in the game, Cross boasts a high DPS stat and focuses on knife and sword attacks. His most impressive move is Frenzy Slash (E), where the character dashes forward and launches a area of effect attack on the enemy in front of him. Cross also has a variety of ranged attacks, such as Overwrite Bones (R) and Kniferang (Y), which can stun enemies and leave them vulnerable to other damaging moves.

We have reached the end of this explanatory guide, now you know How to Get Cross in Roblox Sakura Stand, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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