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Today we bring you a guide on How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In Roblox King Legacy with precise details.

What to know about the Bloodmoon twin sword in Roblox King Legacy?

For this quest it is necessary to have accumulated an incredible sum of 22,500,000 Beli and unlock the Ethereal and Hell Swords. Needless to say, this feat is not for beginners and really shows the difficulty that awaits us. Once all the necessary preparations have been made, the search begins, now to help us with How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In Roblox King Legacy let us take into account the following details.

How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In Roblox King Legacy?

Finding Yamamoto

We will go to Yamamoto and start a conversation with him. He will comment: "The warrior spirit is still there. I can feel it." After exchanging a few more words, we select Chapter 1 to continue the dialogue. Continue down the hallway until you reach a stone warrior statue, then interact with it to continue the conversation. Once finished, we select Chapter 2 and return to Yamamoto. Talk to him to proceed to the next stage.

Finding the Middle: The Torch Challenge

Next, we will go to the Shipyard and talk to the medium NPC, who will ask us: "Do you want to learn the power of communicating with spirits?" We will answer affirmatively to move on to the next step. As soon as the dialogue ends, a 5-minute timer will start. Our task is to light ten torches spread across the island, including the castle hallways, considering that simply interacting with the torches will not light them. This is where the Ethereal Sword or Infernal Sword come in handy. It may take a few tries to locate all the torches in the given time, so we must explore the island before engaging in a conversation with the NPC. The good news is that the order in which we light the torches is not important.

The resilience of the warrior and 100 powerful gorillas

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By lighting all the torches, we return to Medium, who will give us instructions to locate the Warrior Spirit. This notable character can only be found in the Graveyard within the Castle grounds, making him easy to locate. However, the line between the realms of the living and the dead only becomes tenuous during Blood Moon, requiring patience for this event to occur. Once the moon transforms into a crimson hue, the Warrior Spirit will become evident. We start a conversation with him and he will assign us the task of eliminating one hundred gorillas. These creatures will begin to appear immediately after our discussion, but the blood moon time limit may impede our ability to beat the mandatory number. In such a situation, we must wait or change servers until we find one where the blood moon is still illuminating the sky. Once we have defeated a hundred of them, we return to this NPC to fulfill the quest requirements.

Final stage: final confrontation and acquisition of the weapon

Coming a considerable distance, we meet the Medium once more and accept the conclusive challenge. We will have to light ten torches once again, albeit with a significantly shorter duration of ten minutes. The torches will still be located in their original locations, making this task undemanding. When you light the tenth torch, Soul Samurai will emerge, an intimidating level 7500 boss, the battle is complex that requires all of our attention; Attendance is strictly prohibited. We must defeat the boss alone, because any contribution from allies will result in failure. However, this directive does not apply to healing spells. Our comrades can heal us periodically during the battle, but they cannot attack, defeating the boss, return to Medium, paying attention to his words of praise and buy the blood moon Twin Sword for 22,500,000 Beli. Even if the sword was not given to us free of charge, despite the arduous trials we endured, the weapon's advantages far outweigh its cost.

Bloodmoon Twin Sword Stats

Being the second legendary sword in the game and the first of its rarity that can be acquired for free, Bloodmoon Twin Sword boasts impressive stats. The base damage of this weapon is approximately 2500. During a blood moon, the damage of this sword is amplified by an additional 5%. Additionally, this weapon has two unique and formidable abilities:
Scarlet Assassin (Z): Using a ranged technique, he unleashes five targeted blows from blood swords, dealing approximately 20,600 points of damage to the intended victim.
Crimson Curve (X): This charged maneuver impuit blasts the user at lightning speed towards the enemy, slashing and punching incessantly with subsequent blows. Although it potentially deals around 17,000 damage, mastering this attack requires extensive training due to its difficult targeting and execution.

Finally, now that we are aware of How To Get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword In Roblox King Legacy we can continue with our progress and fun in this incredible game.

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