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2024-04-22 16:03:06

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Discover How To Get Saber V2 in Roblox King Legacy with the details presented in this explanatory guide.

What is the Saber V2 in Roblox King Legacy?

It is necessary to obtain the basic Saber first. This coveted weapon is dropped exclusively by the level 3000 expert swordsman boss in the First Sea. Upon defeat, it will grant us:

  • 300,000 Belis.
  • 2,500,000 XP.
  • Saber with a 25% drop chance.

However, acquiring this weapon is not an easy task. To even have a chance of obtaining it, you must deal a minimum of 50,000 damage to the boss, a notification will appear announcing the arrival of the mysterious swordsman to Stone Arena every 3 or 4 hours. If we have difficulty finding the expert swordsman, we will go through Rocks Island and War Island to reach the arena, now to know specifically How To Get Saber V2 in Roblox King Legacy, let us take into account this guide and the following content that it will present.

How To Get Saber V2 in Roblox King Legacy?

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Having the normal Sabre, it's time to level up. However, accessing the Saber V2 is not as simple as obtaining other weapons, first, we must have a minimum of 2,000,000 bounties on our head. These can be obtained by defeating other players or bosses. The game offers PvP and PvE options to acquire rewards. Additionally, having 500,000 rewards grants a 1% increase in damage and defense when fighting other players. Let's keep track of our current reward amount at all times by pressing the Tab key.

We'll stop by Shallow Island in the Third Sea and look for the NPC known as the Supernatural Guardian. By locating it, we will have the task of defeating the formidable Lord of Saber boss at level 8,500. The Supernatural Guardian can be found deep within the castle, located on the left side of the structure under the bridge. As for the Lord of Knowledge, he materializes from a hidden door located between two staircases inside the Third Sea castle, once every hour. We will use our most powerful abilities to destroy the door and manipulate the jump between servers to ensure the appearance of the boss. Alternatively, we can locate the supernatural Guardian by climbing the right staircase from the entrance to the Lord of Knowledge's chamber, due to his level, this boss should not be taken lightly; We will consider enlisting the help of friends and fellow players to defeat him. Once the Lord of Saber has fallen, we return to the supernatural Guardian, who will now request two rare materials from us, upon obtaining them and we will be rewarded with the Saber V2:

  • Water Gem x5: Crafted by Tidalgem Smith on Shallow Island in the Third Sea, using Coral x10, Pearl x1 and Sea Artifact x50.
  • Kraken Cache x1: Obtained as a guaranteed drop from the Kraken Tentacle boss in the Second Sea.

This is everything you need to know regarding How To Get Saber V2 in Roblox King Legacy, by applying what is indicated we will have solved this task and it is possible to continue progressing in this interesting and fast-paced game.

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