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We welcome you to our explanatory guide on How To Get Coral in Roblox King Legacy accurately.

What should we know about coral in Roblox King Legacy?

This is a valuable resource that will be crucial to acquiring numerous equipment and upgrades. For one thing, this item is dropped exclusively by a single enemy near the center of the area. However, it is a rare material with a low shedding rate. In this type of games there are always wins and losses, looking for answers on How To Get Coral in Roblox King Legacy we must follow the upcoming content of this guide.

How To Get Coral in Roblox King Legacy?

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We have to face the enemy boss with level 4050, drop Coral. We can find this enemy on the Shallow Island of the Third Sea. From Docks 1, we continue to the right until we find a man standing on a small gray sand. This is the fugitive you are looking for. Upon defeat, we can also obtain pearls, however, acquiring this resource may require some farming, as it is not easy to obtain, it is crucial to know where to find this Fugitive due to the high demand for the material.

One of the main ingredients to create Aquatic Gem is coral. This item has significant importance as it is used for many Third Sea related equipment. Let's locate the NPC Tidalgem Smith at the Third Sea Shallow Island spawn location. He can be seen standing on top of a high bridge that connects a large rock and a tower. To create an Aquatic Gem, you will need the following materials:

  • corals ×10
  • Pearl ×1
  • Marine Artifact ×50

In addition to using it as an aquatic gem, Coral is also necessary if we play as a Sea Beast race. Donating these items to the Neptunian NPC in front of the Sea Beast puzzle will awaken Sea Beast V2:

  • Marine Artifact ×50
  • corals ×25
  • Shark fin ×10
  • Pearl ×5
  • Aquatic Gem ×1

This is how we finish our guide on How To Get Coral in Roblox King Legacy, leaving the rest in your hands to apply what is indicated and get the best out of this explanatory content.

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