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Today we make a guide e where we will explain how to get Schrift in Roblox Type Soul.

What to know about getting Schrift in Roblox Type Soul?

We embark on a new task and when choosing our faction in Type Soul, it is necessary to keep in mind that we will have a great impact on our game. Each faction offers unique abilities that can improve our game as we progress. However, for those who have selected the Quincies, it is crucial to know How to get Schrift in Roblox Type Soul.

What is Schrift in Roblox Type Soul?

Before accessing the quest we must know that Schrift is an exclusive combat skill that is only available to members of the Quincies faction. Although it may resemble the Shikai of a Shinigami, the attacks are totally unique and different, getting it involves completing several challenges.

How to get Schrift in Roblox Type Soul?

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Joining the Quincies faction is the first requirement to get Schrift in Type Soul, once we have joined, we must complete missions and gain experience until we reach Semi-Grade 1. Once we reach this rank, we can visit the Balance NPC to begin the process of obtaining Schrift. It should be noted that the NPC Balance can be obtained at the top of Wandenreich Castle. We will talk to him, and he will tell us to go to the statue where we become Quincy, here we interact with the statue to start the main test to obtain Schrift in Type Soul, which involves hunting several powerful enemies:

  • 3 Adjucha (players or NPCs)
  • 5 Soul Reapers (players only)
  • 15 Fishbone (players or NPCs)
  • 5 Less (players or NPCs)
  • 5 Boot (players only)

The quest to conquer and defeat all adversaries turns out to be a complex task. But this alone is not enough to demonstrate our unwavering loyalty and boundless strength towards Yhwach. Therefore, the task must be completed without succumbing to defeat. In case of failing in the battle, our victory count will be reset, forcing us to restart the chase from the starting point.

It should be noted that, as usual, Type Soul refrains from providing updates on the progress of the challenge. On the contrary, we will have to look for the statue's guide to determine the number of enemies left to conquer.

After the final triumph in this feat, all that remains is to return to the statue, we will be rewarded for conquering all the designated objectives, we will be awarded the coveted Schrift in Type Soul. However, it is imperative to note that this ability exists in several forms, each offering a distinctive arsenal of attacks, unfortunately, we have no control over which Schrift we will receive, as the selection is based on chance and is chosen between the following options:

  • Miracle (legendary)
  • Fear (legendary)
  • Lightning (rare)
  • Wind (common)
  • Heat (common)

Now that you know how to get Schrift in Roblox Type Soul, you can embark on this quest and take advantage of this new ability.

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