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Find out how to fix the infinite restart loop, something necessary for the operation of the PS4.

What to know about the infinite restart loop in PS4?

It is a constant error that occurs in this console, which allows it to be turned on and off instantly without being able to do anything, which when reaching the brand logo ends up turning off and so on each occasion, then there are some solutions that we can consider on How to fix the infinite restart loop and for that they are presented in this guide, you just have to pay attention from here onwards.
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    How to fix infinite restart loop in PS4?


    •  Unplug it: what we will do is remove the connection of our console from all the cables that are on the back, waiting in turn for it to cool down, waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes, after that we connect everything again and the PS4 We start it in safe mode, for this we hold down the power button for 10 seconds.
    • Update: there is a possibility that as for how to fix the infinite restart loop requires an update of our console, which is possible that for a long time it has not gone through this process and causes this failure, then we load it in the mode Sure, when you turn it off and hold down the power button for 10 seconds, which puts us in safe mode, what we will do now is look for the system software update, we will update now, which allows you to load the latest version that has come out, the internet connection being important for this process.
    • The initialization: doing this with our PS4 turns out to be the last thing when we have not achieved anything, only that this step will lead us to the elimination of all the data that we have saved in the console, but it may be the correct solution on How to fix infinite restart loop, what we will do is back up the information, it is important that we know the password and the user of the profiles that has a connection to the console, then what we will do is enter the safe mode and choose the option to initialize, after that We follow a series of steps to start the process, leaving the console as new, being necessary that the profile be updated, considering that the information on the network is maintained, including the need to download the digital games again.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix infinite restart loop has been useful to return your PS4 to optimal performance.

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