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Today we are going to tell you How to catch since this has a fundamental weight in Madden 21.

What is Madden?

This is a saga of games based on the NFL specifically in honor of John Madden, winner of the Syuper Bown in 1997 and that today has managed to be one of the most attractive and mostly played sports games in the world, so it is necessary be attentive to all the characteristics that this brings to us, because knowing how to catch becomes an interesting and necessary option, this being precisely a forward pass.
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    How to catch on Madden 21?

    There are some plays in which it is necessary to apply the capture, of course this makes it become somewhat risky to bring the ball to the ground, as this has a particular incidence in the direction of the receiver for it only by pressing Y on Xbox or Triangle on PS just to attract the receiver, then simply control it is not complicated it is only necessary to have an open back.

    Counting the one guy on the end of the RB receiver can be bad for catching outside the Backfield and therefore we require some extra help in the attempt, because players of the stature of Adrián Peterson can be complex, on the contrary players like Julio Jones they can be somewhat easier to handle, making it a simple job without much detail.

    Now that you know how to catch, it is time to be aware of the game's release date and put it into practice, since Madden 21 is extremely close, only a few days before the long-awaited launch.

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