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2020-08-25 11:08:49

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We welcome you to our Madden 21 guide where we will talk about How to intercept.

What to know about intercepting in Madden 21?

The first thing to understand is that interceptions have many different edges on a playing field, among which we have the rookie QB, which is easy for us to intercept and also the field general, the latter being more complex to get a interception, there is nothing like doing it, this can tilt a match in our favor at any moment of the game, or simply eliminate all hope of our opponent, now to know how to intercept, there are some guidelines to follow, let's see them.
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How to intercept on Madden 21?

To intercept the ball you do not have to do anything special, since the balls can be caught very easily by the linemen and the LBs in the air it is possible to take them, while if we talk about some specific players we will have a corner of the ball in movement or with some it is possible to get an easy interception of the passes, it is possible that the ball will go in the air we will see our defender able to reach it, it is not indicated for that reason we will press the triangle on the PS or the Y on the Xbox , in this way the CPU defender will approach and catch him, being a better strategy than avoiding the interception, with pressing the B on the Xbox or the Circle on the PS it is possible to make a change of the defender that we will control, which will cover the receiver of the pass and so we press the triangle on the PS or the Y on the Xbox we will be able to intercept the pass.

In conclusion, knowing how to intercept is excellent because we can improve our performance in this incredible game such as Madden 21.

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