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Angel Marquez
2020-08-25 18:17:27

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If you want to know How to make Pump Fake in Madden 21 you are in the right place, in this guide all the precise details will be presented.

What to know about Pump Fake in Madden 21?

Performing a Pump Fake is possible in any direction of a specific receiver that is on the field, by doing so it is possible to end the jump time that the lineman will be executing but it is possible to cover another necessary area, make passes or move in the field. field is enough, we always have to be attentive to our enemies and the appropriate strategies for the possible plays that are being armed on our side and the opponent, to know more about How to Pump Fake, let's see the following content of this guide with attention, let's do it to understand more.
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How to make Pump Fake in Madden 21?

To the receiver that we are going to perform the Pump Fake we must press its corresponding button, on the PS4 we will use the R1 and on the Xbox the RB, it is important that we be careful when executing this, this because if we press the button in advance we can pass it to the receiver and We would fail the Pump Fake, what we want to do is cancel the launch, managing to deceive our opponent so that the defender falls into a bad position and we can take advantage of the following movements that will come after this one.

We hope that the information presented here on How to Pump Fake allows us to continue improving Madden 21.

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