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2020-08-28 10:30:04

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We welcome you to our Madden 21 guide where we will talk about How to throw the ball away.

Why throw the ball away in Madden 21?

In order to make the annotations that allow us to win and defend ourselves from the opponent, it is necessary to throw the ball away, this can happen on defense or offense, but we focus more on offense, where decisions will have a great weight in a game, the which is directly related to the plays to be made, the quarterback is in charge of deciding the other actions, only that there are situations where they will not be appropriate, but nevertheless it is necessary that we know how to throw the ball away to have better situations game, so let's look at the next content.

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How to throw the ball away in Madden 21?

We must stop to think about the different situations in which we can throw the ball away, it is necessary that we always place ourselves outside the pocket, this is because we can be penalized, for this what we will do is run outside this area by both sides, then we look for the lane to find a receiver that is open to which we will throw the ball away, now if we have the opportunity that one if not two are not open, what we will do is throw the ball away by pressing R3 and thus move it In the direction we want to shoot, when we do it, our QB will shoot out of bounds, there are many possibilities that we will see from a strategy with the quarterback, in normal football there are problems with the line of scrimmage but not here. we will go through it.

  This is how our Madden 21 guide ends, now that you know how to throw the ball away, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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