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2020-08-26 09:02:20

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We invite you to discover How to Lateral, a new task in Madden 21.

What to know about a lateral in Madden 21?

The sides become of great impact in the plays, so we must be attentive with care, since if we deflect the ball between the runner and us this will cause a fall and it is possible that the Angle becomes cumbersome, For this reason, we must use them with caution to the sides, but it is ideal that we know how to make Lateral, considering that it is always a single player who is highlighted to do it, let's see the next content to guide us in this regard.

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How to lateral in Madden 21?

Before making the click we have to observe the play, meanwhile keep R2 pressed, what we are going to see is if it is possible for the defender to crash with the QB or if it is against the RB, now if it is against the QB we will To press the L1 so that the ball can be lateralized and in this way we will have some space if we are lucky, with such space we run with the RB, in some cases we will have 2 possibilities to lateralize the ball, being L1 or R1 to be pressed.

  This is how we finish our guide on How to make Lateral, we hope you can get the best out of Madden 21, a fairly busy game.

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