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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-25 19:25:32

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Saber How to Enter the USS Luxington Business Battle in GTA Online, let's see.

What is the USS Luxington trade battle at GTA Online?

This is nothing more than content that has been incorporated into this game and is part of the Summer of Saints update, this battle has been sought after by many players as it offers an interesting prize of 10,000 dollars, some cash bonuses as well as some goods for our nightclub, just not an easy task to get this battle taking place on the aircraft carrier idle.

How to Enter the USS Luxington Business Battle in GTA Online?

The first thing we should focus on is the location of the USS Lexington, this is a ship that is specifically located in the southeast corner of the map, it is necessary to carry with us a parachute and all the elements that we consider useful for this business battle, it is possible to prepare with some necessary implements. Now, approaching this boat is simply a matter of risk, they may be able to eliminate us, so we need to be careful, so we can choose to enter a summer upgrade car, because we only roll inside to arrive in free fall Finally, because falling with the parachute is no guarantee or simply arriving in a vehicle either since the boat's defenses will be alert and this is simply not favorable.
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Knowing how to participate in the commercial battle of the USS Luxington simply requires prudence and for this it can be vital to do it this way:

  • We boarded the plane that will take us to the southeast, this implies going through the Los Santos airport.
  • We proceed to jump on the USS Luxington.
  • Then we deploy the parachute when we are in the last moment of our fall.

Another important aspect to consider is the inventory, reviewing it before participating is not a bad idea because it is necessary to make sure that we have the Punto Rosa Technological Mask with us, after that we only have to prepare for the great loot that is made up of a few dollars and some interesting resources, it is also possible to complete the mission to unlock the Yacht Captain's equipment and then take the aircraft carrier with a particular style, since leaving our mark here can be important.

In this sense, knowing how to participate in the commercial battle of the USS Luxington simply requires making a triumphal entry where the ship's defenses have no idea, it is an advantage of playing GTA Online to act and not leave much trace.

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