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2020-08-25 11:48:48

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The plays are the determining factors in Madden 21, so today it is necessary to talk about How to make a juke

What is a juke in Madden 21?

This is more than a play designed specifically to evade defenders in the same way to avoid tackles, these juke are highly important for receivers and tight ends, since their objective is to get to fake the opposing defense for this it is necessary to execute some movements being precisely the vital juke, since it can be used while we run and is an option that can be used and executed by novices.
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How to make a juke in Madden 21?

It is important to be alert to the movements this means that we must be alert to our left and right, you can perform a juke against a defender encalquéis from the sides allows us to jump into the arms of the defender since this will make the opponent manage to knock down the defender or receiver.

The controls to execute a juke are quite simple, so if it is important to consider not making this move near a defender because it will simply not do any good, because we do not get anything with the distance between the arms, otherwise it is more feasible to use the stick right of our PS or our Xbox and move the stick to the left to cut the player on the left, in the same way, move the right stick so that the player moves to the right, it is not really complicated as far as a newbie can do it.

This is all you need to know about How to make a juke, a necessary but simple task in Madden 21, you will already have the opportunity to execute it yourself for this weekend.

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