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2020-09-01 10:58:34

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Welcome to our Madden 21 guide where we will talk about How to throw a high pass.

What to know about the high pass in Madden 21?

  We find in this game many different pass options, where each one brings with it advantages and disadvantages, over time these versions of Madden have undergone different improvements in terms of high pass, although it is executed in the same way during games , It is a very useful movement in which the receiver has the chance to do it, to get the most out of this movement, we will see in the next content of this guide the detailed explanation of How to throw a high pass, let's see with what we meet.

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How to throw a high pass in Madden 21?

  With L1 keeping it tight we have to press the button that is related to the receiver to whom we seek to pass the ball on the play, in this way we will be able to make the high pass where the receiver will be the only one capable of receiving it, that is It is important to highlight the weakness that this brings with it when taking the pass, since it is possible to be knocked down at this moment, causing a fall of the ball or that we end up injured, so it is necessary that we consider its use in the zone of scoring mostly, with time to receive the call being sufficient and retain the ball when receiving the pass.

  It is clear that knowing how to throw a high pass allows us to have more fun in Madden 21.

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