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2020-08-25 11:59:40

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Knowing how to spotlight a receiver is simply an interesting option that we can do in Madden 21, let's see.

What can we expect from Madden 21?

The truth is that this is the most recent installment of the NFL-based game and it brings with it some interesting features that can give it an attractive twist, this is because there are some changes that may occur somewhat differently from the previous installments, because It is possible to count on MVP Lamar Jackson in the first place, being precisely an excellent reference and with them some common changes that make players awaken interest in this edition.

How to highlight a receiver in Madden 21?

This is an option that can bring us some advantages and disadvantages, particularly this second option, it can cause some areas to be at a disadvantage, since it is not possible to count on the particular dependence of the receivers throughout the game, it is better to let it be the CPU who is specifically in charge of the field since this allows us to cover some gaps that can be crucial to score.
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To highlight a receiver it is necessary to press Triangle since this simply allows you to view the settings menu, pre-snap, then it is necessary to press X to make the individual selection, then we proceed to press the button corresponding to the receiver that we consider necessary to highlight. This button and this takes us to a menu in which it is necessary to press X to highlight it in our play, this is a somewhat complex process that if done correctly we will be entangled, so if you do not have some knowledge it is better not to avoid it.

This is all you need to know about How to spotlight a receiver, as it is obviously a difficult task but for some it may be interesting, particularly I do not do it in Madden 21 I let other experts do it

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