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2020-08-27 12:10:24

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With our Madden 21 guide you will learn more about How to play with Sliders.

What to know about Sliders in Madden 21?

In this present edition we will have once again the Sliders, taking into account that there is a lot of similarity in the characteristics in general, with these we will be able to make adjustments to the CPU so that it works in a more acceptable or entertaining way for us, between the possibilities we have in the aggressiveness with which you can fight for a ball, more details that will serve to understand How with Sliders, will come next, you just have to see carefully what will be presented.

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How to play with Sliders in Madden 21?

In the configuration of the game we will find the first type of Sliders, being access to them through the main menu and the game options, here on the gear wheel we will have the same possibilities, in the lower right corner of the screen and then In configuration, we will see the Sliders as Penalties, the ability of the CPU and that of the player, the latter having to do with how well or badly to play that will reach the players that are controlled by us and in this way the AI ​​will affect the CPU, If we make adjustments to the penalties, there will be variations in the frequency with which the referees make the call in the game, it is possible to increase the false starts according to our criteria, since we are playing online these changes are not possible, only it will be offline as the EA is in control of this.

As for XP, it is also possible to use Sliders, managing to affect the experience that will be won, this has to do according to the criteria of many of us that we believe the progression is not the most appropriate or we simply want to achieve it more easily Being in franchise we will find this menu above the options and then we look for Sliders, thus reaching XP, all positions can be modified their default value, the changes must be saved once made so that they remain established.

It is evident that knowing how to play with Sliders allows us to have more fun and control in Madden 21.

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