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2021-06-22 08:28:08

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Madden NFL 22 will have more action for us and therefore from now on it is usually necessary to know how to Pre-Order.

What is the purpose of Pre-Order Madden NFL 22?

Fans cannot ignore every little detail and that is why EA Sport has made this game available as a reserve for players, this makes waiting for the game easier, starting on June 17, it will take place. This reservation process was carried out and this was duly clarified in the official channels, where the cover of the same was unveiled, which has Patrick Mahomes as the face, in addition to Tom Brady.

How to Pre-Order Madden NFL 22?

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This is a task that can be done by visiting the official pre-order page

Once we have selected, we are allowed to access the template that will give us the respective indications that are usually:


  •  Select the platform for which we want the game, it is available: Xbox, PS, PC, Steam, Google Stadia.
  • Then on the other page we are shown a red bar at the top where we will select the edition from which it is possible to choose: Dynasty, MVP, Standard or EA Play.
  • Next we must locate a black box that is on the right side of the revealed official trailer and select "Reserve now."
  • We proceed to complete the purchase data of the chosen distributor platform.


 We must take into account the selection we make because there are no changes, the games are usually paid to the Xbox Live or PSN account, considering in fact that the special editions usually have a higher value.

 This is everything you need to know about How to Pre-Order, so that you just have to choose the platform and edition you want from now on, to have guaranteed Madden NFL 22 in your hands.

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