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Our journey through Gears Tactics leads us to discover how to fire soldiers, let's see.

Why fire soldiers at Gears Tactics?

  Recruiting some new troops is part of the activities to be carried out here, this is done since on some occasions it is necessary to get rid of a certain dead weight, that is, some soldiers that are simply not feasible, since weak soldiers are simply called dead weight and we do not have to carry them, as they will only hinder our work.

  Generally the best soldiers to recruit are those who have high levels, this based on obtaining elements that are simply useful for us, because the combats here do not expect us to have weak soldiers that the only thing that can represent us is a load, because with this we are only going to ruin our progress.
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    How to fire soldiers in Gears Tactics?

     Firstly, it is good to clarify firing soldiers simply means eliminating them, this can be done by shooting them and the weakest ones are in charge of dying, since they are simply not useful resources, especially considering the possibility of having to face a strong combat where we would have to leave with many deaths on our part.

     Shooting the soldiers is simply a fairly easy activity and it is usually done quickly, for this it is only necessary to go to the Barracks and stop, then we highlight the specific character we want to shoot, because selecting a hero or troop simply does not work, after we have highlighting the character to which we will execute we get a small icon where the word “delete” will be, select this specific option and ready it will no longer be among our troops.

     The option to let them go is ours, but before doing so it is important to proceed with reviews, this is because some may have certain free improvements, and we cannot allow them to be taken.

     Definitely it is important to know how to fire soldiers, because our tour of Gears Tactics simply does not allow us to carry additional weight that simply does not provide us with anything interesting and valuable.

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