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This time we are back again to talk about Sakura Wars, but here we will explain how to gain Trust

  Having confidence between the characters becomes a fundamental factor in this game because with it we can achieve great achievements, it is a quite complex matter but ideal for obtaining improvements in a battle.

How to get Trust in Sakura Wars?

  Building trust is not a simple matter, but it can and should be achieved if we really want to be part of the improvements when we get the battles, generally the dialogue option becomes quite nice, although not necessarily because there is a possibility that it can be a bit self-centered and sometimes perverted, but it's all part of the same thing, trust.
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The dialogue options because they are varied, we can adjust it to better identify us, getting some clues from the characters and that this allows us to get answers according to level Trust enough, it is good to know that it is generally applied to all characters without exception, because the answers that can be given here are quite simple.

 What does trust in Sakura Wars entail?

Confidence here has its benefits and this simply implies teamwork to win battles, as this is normally a fantastic element to get bonuses, thereby allowing us to make a significant difference where health and damage are simply part of the Bonuses received thanks to the possibility of gaining confidence between the characters.

 In this sense, knowing how to gain Trust allows us to achieve more battles that are favorable to us, since in understanding the characters, great achievements can be part of us in Sakura Wars.

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